Desktop vs. Portable Vaporizer?

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Every prospective vape purchaser has one big question to ask themselves before diving into finding their perfect vape - desktop or portable? There's a lot that goes into this question to make sure you get the most out of the money you spend.

Most people first say things like "well are you going to be using it while you're on the go, or at home?" To me, the first question you should ask yourself is if your more of a solo to small party toker, or if you have 4 or 5 roommates that smoke together every time. My office is at home, yet the Mighty is my personal go-to vaporizer. I choose it over every desktop and portable, only because it's the perfect session length, potency, and everything in between for me.

Companies know that the main use for desktop vaporizers is for larger parties and sessions. Vaporizers like the Volcano (Classic or Digit) and the Arizer Extreme Q are two of the most popular desktop vaporizers, yet each has made adjustments to accommodate the solo session. Most recent and notably, is the introduction of the Chamber Reducer for the Volcano, allowing each user to fill their dosing capsule as they would for the Mighty or the Crafty and use less material.

That leads to my second point, the amount of material you use. You'll notice as you do research that every vaporizer has a different and uniquely styled chamber. Vaporizers like the Boundless CFX and the DaVinci IQ have larger chambers, which allow you to share 1 session with 3 or 4 users. Others, such as the previously mentioned Mighty, or the Arizer Solo II and the Arizer Air II, have smaller and compact chambers which allow you to keep the session more to yourself and/or a select few.

There's no perfect answer to the vaporizer question, but don't let the ever familiar "will you use it more at home or the road" sway you away from getting the best vaporizer for you.

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