Dr. Dabber Switch Pre-Orders Now Open

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Dr Dabber Switch Pre-Orders Now Open

The Dr. Dabber Switch, slated for release in late-May, is now open for pre-order!

The hype surrounding the Switch is second to none. The induction powered e-rig, which is going to be able to vaporize concentrates and flowers, is truly the first of it's kind. Boasting a heat up time of around ~10 seconds, and being able to rise to temps as hot as 800 degrees, I think it's safe to say this truly has game changing potential.

A dish that Dr. Dabber is saying will be able to contain 0.35g of flower or 0.8g of concentrates, with a size 13.1 x 13.4 MM, has us very intrigued. Dr. Dabber also announced a bubble cap accessory upon release.

Pre-Order your Switch now, and get a FREE Dr. Dabber Aurora ($99 MSRP). That's right, FREE.

Don't miss out on this great offer on this soon-to-be released game changing e-Rig!

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