Now Offering Sticky Brick!

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Sticky Brick Now Available

Happy to announce we now have Sticky Brick Labs vaporizers available. Sticky Brick, based out of North Carolina, have been in the game for a while, producing some of the best wood vaporizers out there.

Check out some of their top portables such as the StickyBrick Junior, or the ever popular OG Brick. Their desktops, which are also super portable, are amazing devices as well. The HydroBrick and HydroBrick Maxx are sure to leave you feeling extra hazy.

Make sure to use CREAM15 for 15% off your order, and as always, contact us at with any questions.

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Edgar12 October 28, 2018 7:46 AM reply
That's great! Looks like a new style of vaping. I even didn't try this one yet. But honestly bought few vaping pipes from serving me well so far. I even don't switch myself into another provider.

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