The Much Anticipated Dr. Dabber Switch is a Game Changer

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Smart rigs are becoming the new power vape to have. The much anticipated Dr. Dabber Switch, with the capability of being able to vape flower and extracts, is the newest product in smart rig season.

I've had the Switch for about a week now, and spent the entire weekend with it. I love the freakin' thing. I strictly used (and continue to use) it for concentrates. The potency and flavor it delivers are a thing of beauty.

I know the price is a little scary, but Dr. Dabber built a well made, beastly device that backs up it's hefty price point.

The amount of use it gets on a single charge is astonishing. The Switch blows everything else out of the water on battery life alone.

The self cleaning mode is a great addition that's easy to figure out and use. I self-clean my device after *each* use.

The lights are a cool effect, but not completely necessary. I usually just power my device off after I use it. But the lava lamp like effect, again, is pretty cool.

I switched my heat settings to advanced mode, and I love it so much more than basic mode. I love the fact that you can increase the temp by 20 degrees, and go to as hot as 800 degrees F. It packs a punch that every other device I've used hasn't given me.

The main point I want to make is this - don't judge this device off past Dr. Dabber devices (i.e. the Boost). This is a new, fresh, device that performs. As a daily dabber, I'm so ecstatic to have this device in my life. It's my new daily driver, and I'm never looking back.

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