Hey der, ho der, hi der! Braincheese Episode 1

Man, have we been dying to meet ya. Welcome to the CCV braincheese.

You've made it through the minefield that was 2020 and 2021 and didn't get swept.

We're really happy you're here, and we're stoked to be here with you.

Please come get to know the team: https://www.creamcityvapes.com/pages/about-us

We are so grateful for the opportunity to show you what we've got...and then some.

Stay tuned for sexy stuff from the staff.


"It's Gstone, it's almost 4:20am in Wisconsin & it is 13°F, feels like 3°F. We're in good spirits.

Good spirits are easy to come by around here.


I'm 0/12 shooting, but I built this cart today! It's the small victories.


Here's my corner & "My Finn & My Jake" by my dear friend Chedder, not a typo (s/o order S63930 aka Unknown Z for my desktop background)


My mini Jades were sticks for weeks my dudes, I had lost all hope. A lil water and these plant halos brought my babies back to me.


Treat yo self this Spring. Buy a plant & let it die, paint a really bad cartoon of you and your bff as a gift for the whole office, build a useless IKEA desk then put it up for free on Facebook Marketplace. Burn the good candle everyday - not just on special occasions.


G, xoxo


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