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    Boundless Terp Pen

    The Boundless Terp Pen is the new and improved way from Boundless to vaporize your concentrates. Never has dabbing on the go been more easy or efficient. 

    A major upgrade from the Boundless CF-710 pen, this is almost 1/3 the size, 1/3 the price, and hit hards and better! Now has a magnetic cap instead of screw on, and also auto-draw functionality instead of button-press. 

    Available in black or silver color. 

    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

    Going not great but close.

    First let me say something about cream City Vapes . This was my first order with them and there was a delay in shipping due to boundless shipping version 2 of the terp pen. When I inquired about the delay Sam told me about this and then continue to communicate with me until the day it shipped. I must commend Sam on his great communication and thank him again.

    As for the terp pen I really enjoyed using it now that I've put a couple grams through it and it has opened me up to products that I found difficult to get into my titanium bucket. The Turp pen has been pretty reliable and hits great. However I'd like to see some improvements in the atomizer maybe something ceramic without the coil or something quartz? And( as always) the battery life could be better. I hope Boundless keeps working on this to make improvements as it's a very convenient and easy way to use concentrates.

    MA, US

    Excellent choice for an affordable and easy to use concentrate pen.

    We got the Boundless Terp Pen recently and it was an excellent choice for us. It's very portable and convenient to use. The only downside would be that the battery doesn't last a long time but that was expected due to its size. We bought a second one so my wife and I both have one to use and the battery isn't an issue.