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Hydrology 9 Water Filtration Vaporizer
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Hydrology 9 Water Filtration VaporizerThe Hydrology 9 by Cloudious is a new portable vape with a built in water filtration system that provides large vapor clouds with a great smooth taste. The Hydrology 9 is one of the most fun and exciting new vaporizers to use, not only for it’s vapor capabilities, but also for it’s aesthetics and similarities with a common water pipe.Out of the box you can unscrew the anti leak cover and add your water first or unscrew the chamber cover and add your herb...

Atomic9 Vaporizer | Cloudious9
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FEATURES Patent pending “Dual Layer” heating technology Rich convection quality vaporsSix adjustable temperatures ranging from 356F to 428FPatent pending “Retractable Herb Loading Shovel”Pocket sized design Rapid vapor cooling chamberOne button user interfaceFull access cleaning with removable residue and cooling chambersMatted finish aluminum alloy bodyFlip magnetic mouthpiece Heats in 30-45 seconds ...