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The BeeKeeper Thick Oil MOD - the ultimate conceal mod for your essential oils. No matter what it is when you buy a pre-filled tank with your favorite oils you will need a mod to put it in, why not go with the ultimate discrete way to smoke and drop it in the beekeeper. Simply take your pre-filled tank with your favorite oils and hook it up to the unique magnetic adapter and drop it in....don't let the world know what you are puffin on, but get a premium high power delivery with twice the capacity of normal batteries.

Box Contains:
1 X BeeKeeper 20W MOD Power Plant
1 X Refillable Oil Vape Tank
1 X Magnetic Conceal Adapter
1 X Micro USB Charging Cable

Beekeeper dimensions:
L: 2.67" (68mm) W: 1.1"(28mm) H: 0.75"(19mm)
10 mm wide cartridge opening

Turning The Unit On / Off
- Press Power Button 5 times simultaneously and quickly (within 2 seconds)

Dropping in cartridge
- Please use the magnetic adapter that came with the kit
- Screw this adapter onto the Threaded part of your cartridge
- Drop the cartridge in (magnetic adapter facing down) the beekeper opening THE UNIT is READY for Vaping When Turned on.

Keep unit turned OFF, when not in use.

1 x Refillable Oil Vape Tank
1 x Magnetic Conceal Adapter
1 x 300mAh / 20W MOD Battery (3.9V Output Level)
1 x Micro USB Charging Cable