Compatible with the Dr. Dabber SWITCH
*NOTE: A titanium dr. dabber switch bowl is needed, and not included with this item!*

Price: $15.00
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    Cream City Vapes - Dr. Dabber SWITCH Quartz Insert

    The Dr. Dabber Switch is our heaviest hitting dab/e-rig vaporizer without a doubt! Most people prefer the quartz inserts compared to the standard ceramic coated titanium bowls since they provide a much better flavor profile and has better thermal properties. The quartz inserts are easy to clean after each use with glob mops, or clean to a like-new status by using a torch (please be careful when using a torch to clean, always wear protective gloves and eye wear to prevent burns or injury). The best part about our custom quartz inserts is they are a fraction of the price of the Dr. Dabber ones, and same or better quality!

    These Quartz Inserts fit directly inside the Dr. Dabber Switch titanium cup (not included). Please note - this is a replacement Quartz Cup insert, you MUST HAVE the Titanium Insert that Dr. Dabber sells as well which is included with each of their quartz cups. So the best deal is to buy 1 Dr. Dabber branded quartz cup from us, and then additional Cream City brand quartz inserts. Contact us for a bundled package deal to save some extra money!