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    Cream City Vapes - DynaVap Cool Flow Glass Tube

    These stems are excellent for providing a much cooler Dynavap experience. The indents in the stem increase the surface area which allows the vapor to cool off more before reaching your mouth. These stems are ideal for Dynavap lovers!

    Available in the original 60mm regular size, or our new XL version which is 75mm!

    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

    These are great! I prefer to use glass because the metal DynaVap body gets too hot and I've burned myself too many times. These work great with my induction heater

    Philly PA

    DO NOT BUY - OG review was DELETED

    Don't GET RIPPED OFF! I only was able to get my money back by informing them I was going to contact my bank! 

    OG review posted below. So I get a call from the "owner" saying <insert 'how can i make you happy' BS> and I'll refund you AND still send you your items and something to make you happy. You'll have a tracking number monday!

    That was a week ago. NOTHING the "owner" said was done.  At least I did get my money back. I highly doubt anything custom CCV for the dynavap exists.
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    Title: I doubt this exists - STAY AWAY unless you like to donate to CCV!

    Placed order on the 12th of the month - 4 items, one was a major purchase - got that item alone in a respectable speedy time - the 14th. I was happy and after only seeing 1 out of 4 items, this item being one of them. I contacted CCV to make sure it was ok to open the one item I received.

    &quot;we had to ship the CCV glass separately, you&#39;ll see it in a couple days&quot;

    that was 14 days ago, 16 days after I placed the order. On different days I&#39;ve been told: You should have it today or tomorrow! I kept giving them the benefit of the doubt. I was played.

    I plan on waiting maybe another day or so before contacting my bank to get my money back. Very disappointing as this was my first CCV purchase.

    I wonder how long after I submit reviews I&#39;ll be told, &quot;It should be there!&quot; &quot;tracking number?&quot; CCV: :crickets:

    Overall Rating: 1