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    Cream City Vapes - DynaVap Glass 3-in-1 Universal Adapter

    This Dynavap adapter will easily let your connect your Dynavap tips to use through a water pipe or j-hook. The 3-in-1 design will enable you to fit in any 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm female pieces you choose. Take your Dynavap experience to the next level with this adapter!

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    If you have a DynaVap, you need a few of these

    I use these every single day. This is pretty much the only way I use the DynaVap anymore. I use these with an induction heater, then through a waterless glass piece. The 3-in-1 part is great as I can use any piece I want without having to find other adapters. Highly recommend

    Liked it so much, bought a 2nd

    Great piece! Been using one with a ti tip for flower for about 5 months now n one with 19m tip w/ dynacoil for 2 months. Price went up a couple bucks since I purchased. Still worth it tho n less expensive then the other 3in1 wpa I’ve seen our there.

    Philly PA

    DO NOT BUY - OG review was DELETED

    Don't GET RIPPED OFF! I only was able to get my money back by informing them I was going to contact my bank! 

    OG review posted below. So I get a call from the "owner" saying <insert 'how can i make you happy' BS> and I'll refund you AND still send you your items and something to make you happy. You'll have a tracking number monday!

    That was a week ago. NOTHING the "owner" said was done.  At least I did get my money back. I highly doubt anything custom CCV for the dynavap exists.
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    Title: I doubt this exists - STAY AWAY unless you like to donate to CCV!

    Placed order on the 12th of the month - 4 items, one was a major purchase - got that item alone in a respectable speedy time - the 14th. I was happy and after only seeing 1 out of 4 items, this item being one of them. I contacted CCV to make sure it was ok to open the one item I received.

    &quot;we had to ship the CCV glass separately, you&#39;ll see it in a couple days&quot;

    that was 14 days ago, 16 days after I placed the order. On different days I&#39;ve been told: You should have it today or tomorrow! I kept giving them the benefit of the doubt. I was played.

    I plan on waiting maybe another day or so before contacting my bank to get my money back. Very disappointing as this was my first CCV purchase.

    I wonder how long after I submit reviews I&#39;ll be told, &quot;It should be there!&quot; &quot;tracking number?&quot; CCV: :crickets:

    Overall Rating: 1