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    Cream City Vapes - Puffco Peak Bowl - TITANIUM

    The Puffco Peak has become one of the most popular vapes for dabs/concentrates and the demand for a titanium cup instead of the standard ceramic cup has been very high! Cream City Vapes is proud to announce our custom TITANIUM version of the Puffco Peak Bowl. The Titanium bowl gives superior durability and lifespan than the standard ceramic bowls. Our custom Puffco Peak Titanium Bowls fit just the same as the originals, and can be easily cleaned using a torch (please be careful when using a torch to clean, always wear protective gloves and eye wear to prevent burns or injury).

    Compatible with:
    -Puffco Peak (original model)
    -Puffco Peak LUCID
    -Puffco Peak NEON
    -Puffco Peak MEDUSA

    *PRODUCT DISCLAIMER* - This is a custom bowl and is not associated with the Puffco Brand in any way. Please check your vaporizer's warranty details as the warranty may be voided if you use non-OEM parts/accessories. Each product is similar in design but exact dimensions and appearance can vary. Cream City Vapes will not be held responsible for any damage caused to your vaporizer by using this product.*

    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

    Game changer

    I loved this little piece. It was really able to give me a better smoking experience with my puffco.


    Makes peak 10x better

    Seriously best decision I’ve made since ordering my peak. Completely reignited the peak for me, I had gotten to the point where my rig just produced more clouds and a better high, but with the titanium insert I’d much rather the peak over the rig. Without a doubt the peak with this insert is the best dab rig I’ve hit. Thank you cream city.