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    VapCap XL Titanium OmniVap Vaporizer

    The DynaVap XL Titanium Omni is an extension of the original "M" Vaporizer. This titanium vaporizer prevents the unit from getting hot after a lot of use, a nice touch for those of you looking to use this unit more than every now and then.

    The Omni allows you customize your airflow via the mouthpiece. This unit is 109 mm as opposed to the 92 mm regular sized OmniVap.

    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

    Rolls Royce of Dry Vapes

    You may be hard pressed to find a better dry vape that does not use batteries. Its deceptively simple, heavily engineered, and worth every penny. It's super light weight, heats up and cools down fast, and is (except for the cap) fully titanium.

    Dynavaps are kinda funny. It is really hard to imagine how it will work or really "get it" until you try it. And it seems that the brand tends to hook people into it pretty hard. Those that like these vapes (like I have found myself as well) tend to REALLY like them.

    These are fully modular and customizable so you can really go to town with all the choices. You can be as simple (like the "M" model) or as top shelf (Omni XL) as you want. This one is one of the best, no doubt.

    On the fence about the purchase? Don't be. Get it. You won't regret it. I know I never looked back.

    I was a long time, daily water pipe user, but I haven's "smoked" in weeks now after finding the DynaVap. The Omni XL is just too good.