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Dab Ninja E-Nail
Price: $200.00
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Dab Ninja E-NailThe Dab Ninja E-nail is a high quality E-nail that carries an extremely powerful heating system capable of hitting temperatures of up to 990°F . The Dab Ninja is a powerful open-source system that can be digitally controlled its performance for the intensity you want to experience. This is a quality device, perfect for anyone that wants the greatest dabbing density as extremely pure and potent vapor is produced. The Dab Ninja E-nail contains a 20mm coil heater giving you plenty...

Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition
Price: $159.95
Availability: In Stock
Dr. Dabber Item #: DRDBOOSTBLACK -

Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition Dr. Dabber introduced the newest to the Boost lineup with the new Black Edition. Giving you larger nails in a new wooden box, the Boost improves on what is the first portable, battery powered dab rig for concentrates. No torch required. The device heats up to optimal temperature with a simple 3 clicks for the titanium nail, and 5 clicks for the other 2 nails. The Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition gives you the perfect dabbing experience without needing all the tools...

Dr. Dabber Boost E-Rig
Price: $149.95
Availability: In Stock
Dr. Dabber Item #: BOOST -

Dr. Dabber BOOST E-RigThe Boost is a portable, battery powered vaporizer, employing a titanium domeless nail much like you would see in a traditional glass setup. It uses a glass water filtration system to replicate the desktop concentrate experience perfectly. Just press the button to turn it on, wait 30 seconds for the light to turn blue, then load directly on to the titanium nail. Capable of 50-60 uses on a single battery charge, the Boost truly is the best of both worlds: a portable...