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    FadeSpace V2 SiC Insert for PuffCo Peak

    This V2 SiC insert is literally a game changer. Experience better flavor, milkier rips, and more efficiency from your Peak with this insert. 

    *please note, photo shows 2 angles of the insert. this comes with QTY 1 insert only*

    v2 Upgrades

    - Significant Diamond Polishing & Grinding
    - Additional Mass For Banger Inserts
    - Reduced Mass For Peak Inserts
    - Laser Engraved Branding & Serial Numbers

    • Dual Compatibility between The Peak & Quartz Bangers
    • Superior flavor and efficiency compared to all surfaces other than S-Tier
    • Thermal Conductivity of 120 W/mK, 80 times greater than fused Quartz
    • Melting point of over 5,000°F
    • Chemically Inert & Nontoxic
    • Thermal shock resistant
    • Made from USP Class VI Certified Medical Grade Material
    • Extreme Wear Resistance & Physical Durability
    • Easiest cleaning of any surface - virtually impossible to “chazz”
    • Designed & Manufactured in the United States

      *PEAK DISCLAIMER: The Peak size Insert is not an official Puffco product or endorsed by Puffco in any way*
      This is an aftermarket product engineered by FadeSpace LLC to function in the Puffco Peak device based on average measurements of many different Peak units. By using this product, you acknowledge and agree that FadeSpace LLC is in no way liable or responsible for Puffco products or their respective warranties, nor is FadeSpace LLC responsible for Puffco product malfunctions and / or variance.
    Overall Customer Rating of 7 Reviews:

    Best fuckin company every!!!!

    You guys have helped me out so much with upgrades to my peak og and it’s amazing thank you for everything you guys do once I get my pass port I’m coming out there and taking you guys out for dinner for all the help

    Central Pa


    Absolutely great! Maintenance is a breeze, 1qtip after every dab and this surface stays chaz free. I haven’t torch cleaned it yet since I got it 2 months ago. Legit retailer and Insert, authentic fadespace. There have been times I went too hot, and in those cases Ive just done a follow up dab making sure not to go hot and it seems to lift the char off like magic:).

    Best thing you could ever buy

    I purchased this SiC insert along with the Puffco Peak and soon to be Source Versa!

    As for use with the peak, the insert is absolutely amazing, a total game-changer if you've used the peak with the ceramic or any other insert. The SIC is by far superior. No more chazzed dishes or bangers (yes, works in bangers too! it has a completely flat bottom which is perfect for bangers) and heats up effortlessly and evenly every time.

    The cloud production difference with the SiC is insane. Totally worth the money.

    A quick clean with ISO on a q tip and good to go for the next hit! Highly recommend.


    More faded

    Got my SIC v2 today. I already own a S-Tier for another peak which I do love and allows to lower temp without sacrificing the quality hit. Honestly, I'm at a lower temp with the SIC, I find as quality as Stier. I can hit my peak at 400 for budders and sauces. Diamonds or sugar 450 to 500.. great flavor, milky smooth hits..I ordered one for my carta now. It is a HUGE improvement and I was very skeptical as the owner of cream city had to reassure me over the phone. Glad I took his advice and everything he pointed out was true. If can't afford multiples, at least try one, you will not regret it.

    Definitely an improvement over the ceramic! Great CS from cream city vapes as always!