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    Ghost MV1 Fast Charger

    Charge your GHOST MV1 battery pack with the 12v/ 1.5Amp Fast Charger.

    Enables rapid charging of the GHOST MV1.

    Battery pack not included.

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    Seattle, WA area

    Ghost Fast Charger - Buy it with the MV1

    The fast charger is expensive and should have come with the device. I agree with everyone who has that complaint.
    That said, I am totally glad I bought it! The native USB charging is too slow if you plan on using the MV1 daily. Forget once to hook it up overnight and you're out of luck. Even if you're somewhere you can use it while it's charging, it is not convenient and take upwards of 8 hours!.
    The charger frees you to use the device as you want. It is fast enough to give a full charge in two hours or less. It's one of those "too expensive; should have been included" devices that is worth buying. Don't let the extra cost deter you. Odds are you'll buy it soon enough anyway.
    Buying from Cream City Vapes was an absolute breeze. I had questions about product - they responded super quick. I has a special shipping situation - they accommodated it right away and emailed me the information. Hands down, some of the best online customer service I've received. Shopping with CCV is a good deal from throughout the whole process from price comparison to post purchase support!

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