Ghost MV1 Vaporizer


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    Ghost MV1 Vaporizer

    The Ghost MV1 is the on demand beast that had all the hype surrounding it. This full convection vaporizer heats up to your desired temp in just a few seconds. The vapor this device provides is second to none, giving rich, powerful hits that are rivaled by few vaporizers on the market.

    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

    The King of Flower Vapes

    I bought this baby during the Black Friday sale in 2018 and I haven't regretted a single moment of it since that purchase nearly a year ago now... You can fine-tune the temp to perfectly to any liking, and I feel that the Ghost has the most flavorful draws of any dry-herb flower vaporizer on the market second to none. Its also the most efficient herb vaporizer I've ever used and conserves material second to none. To top it all off CCV is literally the best reseller in the business - I buy all of my vapes from them for a reason, their customer service and advice. Don't hesitate on buying the Ghost or buying from CCV!

    I'm new to dry herb vapes, coming from oil carts. I initially got a Pax, but this site's great pricing led me to splurge on this as well for more efficient home-vaping. Aside from a plug-in home-only unit, my research led me to this big, solid, heavy metal vape which looks amazing in all-stealth-black. I was pleasantly surprised to find that even the mouth piece that slides out is also black!

    The Ghost MV1's heatsink/cooling feature is definitely NOT a gimmick, as it's even better in that regard than my old oil vape cart. This never gets too hot for my throat/lungs, only super vapey which is much easier and even pleasant to handle. So easy to load; I like the crucible things. I like that you don't have to tamp, this thing is even easier than my Pax. just grind and push the herb into the crucible. Unlike my Pax, this really lets you taste the herb. It also doesn't get as hot to the touch.

    yeah, it takes a long time to charge but.... just plug it in when not in use, and I think you can even leave it plugged in while you use it.

    The app works great, so much easier than the button presses/holds for changing temperature. The Ghost MV1 has looks, no smell, efficiency, battery life, and that amazingly cool draw that makes you feel like you can go on forever.