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Ghost MV1 Vaporizer The Ghost MV1 is the on demand beast that had all the hype surrounding it. This full convection vaporizer heats up to your desired temp in just a few seconds. The vapor this device provides is second to none, giving rich, powerful hits that are rivaled by few vaporizers on the market.Please Note: We have slashed this price down to $117 as Ghost vapes has gone out of business. If you purchase this product, there will be NO warranty. We will be offering a 1...

Ghost MV1 Crucible Dispenser
Price: $30.00
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Ghost MV1 Crucible DispenserPre-load your crucibles and carry them with you on the go. This handy dispenser comes with 5 easy-release storage compartments, allowing you to carry your favorite herbs, keeping them fresh and ready for use in the MV1 whenever you wish.Includes 5 ceramic crucibles and lids.