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  • Andiroba
  • Ash
  • Canary
  • Central American Rosewood
  • Cherry
  • Cocobolo
  • Hickory
  • Knotty Alder
  • Mahogany
  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Padauk
  • Purple Heart
  • Walnut

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  • Built in quartz nail
  • Clear coat finish
  • Titanium 14mm mouthpiece/ water-pipe adapter
  • Hands-free glass hand-piece.
  • Blue LED light
  • Silicone Tubing
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Lifetime Warranty

All the features and no additional costs! This All-in-one Vaporizer Enail has everything you need and more. Constructed from solid 1/2″ this thing is built to last. Vaporizes all media with versatile quartz and titanium heater cover. All vaporizer-enails feature a titanium 14mm mouthpiece/adapter so you connect the mouthpiece to your favorite rig. Get ready for a water filtered experience that can’t be compared. Includes our standard glass hand-piece that allows for hands-free use. Optional titanium hand-pieces/sets are available in 7 different colors. They allow for quick screen changing, and improve performance through greater heat transfer. A blue LED light comes standard on all units. If you would like to purchase a different color LED please visit our accessories page.

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Unknown. =)

Powerful Convection! With dynamic expression.

The Ditanium. Bringing you powerful full convection vapor. It has the ability to devour both concentrate and dry herb. With the unique option to use both at the same time! For those seeking fast and potent medical benefits. The self encased ceramic powered nail. Provides excellent thermal performance. Fast heat up times, good airflow ,consistent temperatures , with a temp range from 0 to 900 F. So you can really enjoy terp chasing and unlocking all those sensitive molecules with ease.Leaving you with plenty of power to produce clouds without much effort. Its doesn't take up to much real-estate. It being self enclosed is nice. Providing a few levels of safety for users,which is always appreciated. You can leave it on for extended times. With no issues of over heating. Even with hour long sessions. You can use it with or without a water pipe. It comes stock with a 1x glass wand, 1x silicone whip and 1x 14mm water adapter. The power cord is decent length roughly 6 feet. It has 4 rubber post on the bottom. To prevent sliding or falling over ( which hasn't happened once. ) Over all it has pretty solid construction.
Now for the cons. There's not a ton but there are some like any device. This is just my opinion. Firstly The wand, it has no where to go during or after use. It gets extremely hot so i advise you use a silicone mat or buy a stand. Also the glass wand is rather long it can be awkward . Especially after you factor in the whip. Which takes some getting use to if your new to them. I recommend you buy the aftermarket titanium wand. As the glass can break with ease, but they both have there own pros. Having one of each isn't a bad idea if you have the money. The GlassWand has a bigger chamber and better air flow in my opinion. ( but the screens are infinitely more difficult to replace.) The Titanium wand (Smaller chamber, better for micro dosing , smaller bore.Not as much air flow but still good, different heat exchange.)This unit is dependent on standard metal screens. Which clog rather fast, i found it best to replace it daily. Its the easiest way to avoid performance and material loss. The screens MUST be kept super clean. so get plenty , clean with iso to maximize use! The whip can be annoying at times. As it naturally gets twisted, binds and kink. Depends on your setup too and can be fixed easily with support from your finger. It uses a standard turn dial. It would of been nice to see a digital display for greater accuracy and precise temps. You can use a IR temp gun if you care about such things. Given the average price of portable and desktop units. I think you get a pretty good value for your money with this device. Its hard to find a device that handles both concentrate and dry effectively. The Ditantium is one of the more affordable options. Ill let you decide from here. Finally Id like to thank Alex in customer service and the Cream City Team.