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    Hydrology 9 Water Filtration Vaporizer

    The Hydrology 9 by Cloudious is a new portable vape with a built in water filtration system that provides large vapor clouds with a great smooth taste. The Hydrology 9 is one of the most fun and exciting new vaporizers to use, not only for it’s vapor capabilities, but also for it’s aesthetics and similarities with a common water pipe.

    Out of the box you can unscrew the anti leak cover and add your water first or unscrew the chamber cover and add your herb first. The cover is anti-leak so you don’t need to worry about water going everywhere if doing it out of order. Once the unit is back together and ready for action, just hit the power button three times to power it on. If you hold down the power button lightly it will allow you to switch between temperature settings and the internal lights will show the color through the water.

    Blue – 390 F

    Yellow – 410 F

    Orange – 425 F

    Purple – 440 F

    Red – 460 F

    The Hydrology 9 is ready to go within 1- 2 minutes depending on your heat setting. When the unit is ready the lights will hold a solid green. Your selected temperature will be held for 2 minutes and then enter a standby mode for 60 seconds – a solid blue light. To enter another session just hold the power button again and select your desired temperature.

    The Hydrology 9 has a 2000mAh lithium polymer battery. This is a very strong battery that will last you anywhere from 15-20 sessions on a full charge, depending on heat setting. Another added benefit to the Hydrology 9 vaporizer is the built in stir tool connected to the chamber cover. This allows you to twist and move the herb in the chamber during a session to offer greater heat distribution. The chamber, which is constructed of porcelain, is long and narrow holding about .2 grams of ground material.