About Us

Oh, hey der!

Cream City Vapes is the braincheese of lifelong friends and Wisconsin natives Dan and Sam. Incepted in 2015, CCV is still owner-operated and curated.

With just five employees, CCV is proud to be a small business that works diligently to bring all the best products and brands to one place.

Each order is a chance for us to get to know you and exceed your expectations.

Our goal is to see you again! We'd love to have you in any of our constantly growing communities like Discord, Reddit, Instagram and Facebook.

Together with onetreeplanted.org, Cream City Vapes plants one tree per order placed. Thank you for being a part of our mission! 

Please refer all inquiries to support@creamcityvapes.com.


Meet The Squad

Dan aka The Man...

...the Myth and the Legend. Whether you're a CCV veteran or incoming freshman, chances are you know him. Dan's heart is big and his kicks are clean. Co-captain, social media navigator and not-so-self-appointed team counselor, Dan takes a lot of heat for us and from us - with a smile on his face, a warm-fuzzy to give and a dab to share.


Sam aka Kef

 Our co-captain and team anchor Sam is as genuine as the mustachioed smile suggests. On paper he's the numbers guy, but to us he's the CCV Encyclopedia - this man has all the answers. A skilled gambler and candy addict, Sam has a steady hand and wild ambition that keeps us all invested in this company and proud to be a part of this family.


Alex aka Gstone

Avid Milwaukee Bucks fan and potato lover, Gstone manages company operations, logistics and community outreach. When she's not slinging tape and filling our calendar, Alex is planting trees and saving turtles.


Peyton aka Oggy

His low-riding bff Archie the Bassett will tell you this guy can golf and always has a Coke in his hand. Peyton is our customer service and social media liaison and the glass drop guru. He's quite the catch.

Favorite CCV Item: OG Peak
Favorite Upgrades: Rebelz Glass top, PuffCoil Repair Extra Hot Atomizer, ALN insert, Tuff Tether and Padd glass cap


Gage aka The Octopus

Although he's the newest member of the crew, Gage saved us all from the  hatman by becoming our IT Specialist. If he's not at the aquarium or reelin' in a catch himself, he's probably at his computer keeping CCV afloat.

Catchphrases so far: "I got you", "On it", and "Tracking is done"

Favorite CCV Item: Peak Pro
Favorite Upgrades: Boro Farm top, ICA chamber with ALN insert, and "a Paulson cap ofc"