PLENTY Vaporizer Fine Screen Set
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    1 Set of 6 Screens with fine mesh width for the vaporization of powdered materials in the PLENTY Vaporizer

    Delivery includes:
    6 pcs. Screen with fine mesh width

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    Hey there. If your like me and bought a volcano and stumbled across these fine Plenty screens and wonder if they would work in your easy valve volcano the answer is yes, and no. The fine screens are real flimsy. The only way to make them work in your easy valve volcano is if you use a normal volcano screen below I found. The screens are a much smaller micron size. The normal and fine screen combo are great. Had to give 4 stars cause they can’t be used by in my easy valve for the volcano without a normal screen, but they are awesome with a normal screen. is the best and sells real products with great shipping. Thanks.