3mm Opal Terp Pearls (Single Pearl) | Ruby Pearl Co

By: Ruby Pearl Co

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This listing is for a single pearl.

From the gems at Ruby Pearl Co, these synthetic 3mm Opal Pearls are a great addition to your Puffco Peak. Increased surface area and great heat retention create an optimal flavor.

And they look pretty, too. Opals do not hold heat as long as a ruby or sapphire pearl, but provide a beautiful array of colors. Keep in mind, color will vary due to unique craftsmanship.


Keep your stones clean: use a dry cotton swab and heat. If your stoned gets charred, use an abrasive wipe such as a paper towel or steel wool to clean.

DO NOT use ISO, rubbing alcohol or any liquid to clean your gemstones while hot - wait until the stone is room temperature before cleaning with liquid.

DO NOT apply a direct flame to your gemstone - direct flame will cause thermal shock.


DO NOT get caught in a sticky situation. Pick up a pearl grabber for your pretties.