Arizer Air 2 / Solo 2 Sidecar Bubbler Attachment | Cream City Vapes

By: Cream City Vapes

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This compact bubbler attaches nicely to any Arizer Air 2/ Solo 2. Fill the herbs into the chamber and attach to your vape as you would with the regular mouthpiece. Fill a little water through the mouthpiece (test it out and make sure it's not too much water) and you're good to go. Look at the photos for the suggested fill line for water. Do not overfill. You want the water to be just above the holes.

The sidecar bubbler features a CCV logo and will make your vaping experience much cleaner and smoother. 

CCV Pro Tips: You can "suck up" the herbs into the chamber to fill it easier, just drag through the mouthpiece and try sucking up the herbs into the cup for an easier pack.