Crafty+ Vaporizer

Crafty+ Vaporizer

By: Storz & Bickel

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The Crafty+ is the new and improved Crafty that Storz & Bickel dropped. The Crafty+ comes equipped with a new and improved heat up time, improved housing build, longer runtimes, and a new design for being able to leave it in your hand comfortably.

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Great little vape

I really enjoy this vape! It's portable, sturdy, hits beautifully. The only downside is a somewhat shorter battery life compared to some other vapes I've used. Also, I recommended hooking it up to the app since there are plenty of hidden features there!

Very happy I bought this

Crafty+ works REALLY well, I'm impressed with how hard it hits. I've used the DaVinci Miqro and a couple cheaper dry herb vapes, but none deliver hits like this does. This vape is good enough for me to drop combustion altogether and it's saving me money too, since it squeezes out every last drop out of herb. Havent tried concentrates yet but if it works half as good as it does dry herb then I'm excited. There are some cons. The battery life is pretty weak, it lasts me 2 sessions then if I try a 3rd it will die midway through, so I'm plugging it in every 2 sessions. While the plastic design stays cool and I don't doubt it's safe, the plastic is still a bummer to see on a $300 product. And when you disassemble to clean (it needs to be cleaned often), 2 of the plastic bits always feel like they're about to snap off and break; it isn't very intuitive to disassemble unfortunately so you have to be gentle. But S&B's customer service really is exceptional, so I'm not too worried anymore about parts breaking. The one time I did contact them they were quick, helpful, and to the point. Couldn't ask for better cust service. So I'd definitely recommend this despite the minor gripes.

Just do it......

I have been using cannabis for over 30 years, love me a good waterpipe or fatty. I started thinking about vaping, I’m getting older and now it’s legal for me, I tried some cheaper models to see if I would even like it, I liked the effects, but the heat and flavor were so different than combustion, didn’t like popcorn taste as session finishes. I was about to give up. But,,,,,at my age I realize, most times you get what you pay for, so I tried the crafty+, Nailed it! Flavor, effect, ease, cleanliness, What more is there. You have to get the dosing capsules, comes with one, get the 8 pack with disc caddy, easy to clean and use and vapor and draw is amazing.....if you have IOS you can get a work around app for 1.99 to use the web app and it works perfect....if you want to truly enjoy vaping cannabis flower, Just Do It!

Is 5* accurate?

I have an Arizer Extreme Q and that's been my only method of vaping before I purchased a Crafty+. I have only used it for one session so far, but I can tell you the vapor is just as pure and awesome without any of worrisome glass, which I tend to break. Not sure how rugged it will be because I think this case has some plastic, although it feels sturdy. I just want to be careful because this is going to be my new best friend.

Spend the Extra on This Quality Vaporizer

This was definitely the vaporizer for me. It’s portable and hits hard. I was surprised to feel that this vaporizer hits as hard as my Dynavap, but has cooler vapor, which allows me to take in more. The first time I used it I got absolutely smacked. Lastly, the customer service at CCV is phenomenal. They had shipped my device real quick, even during these times of the pandemic. I was expecting a month, but got it in 2 weeks. Great people here at CCV and I 100% recommend you to purchase any vaporizer here.