Cream City Vapes - Mighty/Crafty Cool Flow Glass Bubbler - CURVED

By: Cream City Vapes

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This custom Cream City Vapes glass bubbler is made for specific use with the Storz & Bickel MIGHTY and CRAFTY Vaporizer. Simply replace the cooling unit on your MIGHTY our CRAFTY with our cool flow bubbler by gently screwing in the attachment piece about a quarter turn. DO NOT over tighten or over turn the adapter piece or it may cause damage to the unit, just turn it enough so it wont fall out.

Fill a tiny bit of water into the piece, and get smooth rips even at higher temps than you usually vape at. A great upgrade and added filtration and cooling for the best vapes on the market. The curved mouthpiece makes it very easy to take a rip.

Please note: This item is a little more than 6" in height. This does NOT come with a crafty or mighty vaporizer, it's just the bubbler alone.

*this is a CCV item and has no association with the Storz & Bickel brand. Some manufacturers may void product warranty if 3rd party accessories are used.*