CVault Storage Container - 8 LITER

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The 8 Liter CVault, constructed of high quality food grade stainless steel along it's airtight latches and container seal that is impenetrable by light. This 8 Liter curing container is a wonder to keep the freshness and humidity in whatever you store in it to keep it aromatic and fresh as the day it was created.

Patented Tech Air Tight Lid Design :

  • ¼ inch wide silicone seal to ensures an excellent airtight seal.
  • Specifically designed humidity pack holder to hold your Boveda® pak.

Great Latch Design : Engineered to provide an 99% airtight seal, locking in true product freshness.

Easily Stackable : Easily Stackable for Commercial Use

Interior Diameter: 10.0" or 26.0 CM

Depth / Height: 7.0" or 18.0 CM

Capacity: 1 lb.

8 liter CVault comes with (qty 2) 67 gram 62% Boveda®.

  • 10” x 7” or 26 CM x 18 CM
  • Holding Capacity of 1 lb
  • Includes 2 each 64 Gram Boveda Humidity Pack