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New Larger Size Stainless Steel Storage Container Specs

- 28 Grams Capacity of Storage

- 4" x 2.67" ( 10cm x 6.8cm)

- ¼ inch wide silicone seal to ensure a real airtight seal.

- Official humidity pack holder specifically designed to hold your Boveda Humidity pack.

New Latch Design : Easy to Use and Engineered to provide an airtight seal, truly locking in product freshness for days, weeks and even months.

Easily Stackable : Buy different varieties of the CVault humidity curing containers and make them stackable.

  • 4" x 2.67" ( 10cm x 6.8cm)
  • 28 Grams Capacity of Storage
  • ¼ inch wide silicone seal to ensure a real airtight seal
  • 1 Boveda Pack Included


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Good Storage Solution - Could be Better

First and foremost, I am grateful to for offering these at a significant discount during the Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc. period of time. At regular price, I believe these to be overpriced, but then again, if you are going to buy premium herb, why would a premium storage option not be worth it? Storage is important, and these containers have a built in pocket for storage of a Boveda hydration pack, and each container comes with a Boveda pack that is of proper size and humidity level for the product, and the amount of product that the container will hold. The CVault closes easily and seems airtight (I'll elaborate a bit more below) with three locking clamps that are easy to lock/unlock, but not too easy that the container would ever come open on its own. They are clearly good-quality, solid steel containers, and so far, I have found them to be working well. Here are the only reasons that I did not give a five-star review for this product: (1) I bought a MEDIUM size because it advertises a capacity of 1oz of product. The next size up is much bigger, but the MEDIUM isn't really equipped to deal with a full ounce of fresh herb. The herb, unless tamped down, will push up against the part of the lid that contains the Boveda pack, and you certainly do not want to have direct contact with a source of humidification (can cause mold), nor do you want the lid pressing down your expensive herbal investment. I think the MEDIUM should be slightly larger so that it can really accommodate an entire ounce of product. This is not a deal breaker - I just put some of the ounce in a different container. (2) I would really like to see CVault use a rubber gasket on the lid to ensure that there is a truly airtight seal. In addition to the medium CVault, I also purchased several smaller containers that hold about 1/4 - 1/2 ounce of product. Because these are smaller containers, they come with smaller Boveda packets, and the area to put the packets is also smaller. Within 3 weeks of putting my product into the smaller container with the Boveda packet, the packet became dry and hard and required replacement. This leads me to believe that the container is not 100% airtight, because I only realized that the Boveda needed replacement because I happened to open that container three weeks after storing my product inside. Thus, since I only opened it once in three weeks, I have presumed that it is not likely 100% airtight. I'm a fan of rubber gaskets being used to create a perfect seal, and wish these containers had them. Though it would seem, based upon my long review of the two negatives that I've found with this brand, that I am unhappy, trust me I'm not. These stack on top of one another well, and they solve the storage dilemma that I've had. I don't want to store 1oz of product in a huge mason jar that I have to reach into in order to get herb out, and I also want to be able to keep the product at the proper humidity without the humidification element coming into direct contact with the herb. These containers solve both problems. They are metal so even if someone sees a container, they don't know what might be inside. Again, if you're going to spend a lot of money on herb, why not spend money to ensure that the herb stays fresh? Thanks again to CreamCity for great pricing on these!