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The Dab Ninja E-nail is a high quality E-nail that carries an extremely powerful heating system capable of hitting temperatures of up to 990°F . The Dab Ninja is a powerful open-source system that can be digitally controlled its performance for the intensity you want to experience. This is a quality device, perfect for anyone that wants the greatest dabbing density as extremely pure and potent vapor is produced. The Dab Ninja E-nail contains a 20mm coil heater giving you plenty of room to have long dabbing sessions. This device is made to be compatible with water tool attachments, percolators and other glass devices. The dabbing heater is made out of high quality grade 2 titanium which ensures its users that you'll be dabbing without worrying about changing the coil out every month. This is one of those products that are built with power and will give you the best vaporization pulls and dabs you might not be able to handle.

Power Of The Dab Ninja E-nail
The Dab Ninja is a very powerful e-nail set up to where you can get all the power from within the controls of this e-Nail device. This is a powerful device that's capable of reaching temperatures of over 990 degrees Fahrenheit which is hot enough to give you the most of what you want out of this e-rig device. The strongest metal that would support this high intensity heating is the Grade 2 titanium nail which is a universal set up to make this E-Nail compatible with quality water tool attachments as well as glass GonG attachments. The Dab Ninja is gaining popularity for the amount of dabbing density it gives off when you use this quality work-of-art e-nail device that plug into any power outlet. Potential for the types of ways you can use this device is limitless, as the price speaks for itself. This is your chance you can own your very first powerful e-nail set up where no flames mean no problems.

Precision Controls
The Dab Ninja is the perfect power e-Nail device capable of having precise temperature settings to be set which can power heat up to 990°F . The Dab Ninja offers a smooth and consistent vaping experience that many vaping connoisseurs would think of this as a fairy tail. A device to where the consumer is in complete control of the dabbing experience is essential in the success of the performance the Dab Ninja can feature. This device can control an adjustable heating range to where you can quickly max out temperatures of over 990 degrees Fahrenheit and just as quickly set the unit to temperatures as low as 390 degrees Fahrenheit in seconds without ever having to experience any type of charred taste from the temperature adjustments. The powerful Titanium nail is compatible with any type of water attachment device which can make this unit a high powered dabbing station. The Heat diffusion technology makes vaping under the most extreme temperatures sustainable as the unit will never have any cracking in the glass from strong heating.

Dab Ninja Quality & Powerful Technology
The things the Dab Ninja is capable of doing is limitless since it is a small OLED device control that will have you be able to control the maximum amount of heat you need the Dab ninja to hit within a reasonable time-frame. The quality Kevlar Sheath cord connecting to the D-nail is a Kanthal brand nichrome, a quality part of the device that has NASA heat-safe technology to where the sheer heating power will never get in the way of how the Dab Ninja will perform as the unit can get hot enough to melt aluminum which is why the reinforced materials are present within the design of the Dab Ninja E-nail. The Digital OLED Screen is only 4 x 4.25 x 6.5 in a small size for a dabber that gives you all the complete custom features and use no other vaporizer E-nail can provide you. When you need to have a powerful device, it is the Dab Ninja digital controller with the powerful Titanium E-nail that will perform to very low heating to very high heating with a press of the button.

Dab Ninja Vaporizer Kit For Sale

Buying the Dab ninja vaporizer kit for the low price we offer to our high-end clients, we love to showcase the vaporizer units that will give you the biggest bang for your buck as the advanced desktop-portable e-nail system can compile with any type of water-tool attachment, heating attachments, percolator systems and your very own water bongs. The complexity the Dab ninja can perform into will give you a sense of reliability from a device equipped with Heating Diffusion that will prevent your glass from not cracking when it reaches the incredible high, intense temperatures.

Weight: 2 lbs
Warranty: 1 year
Dimensions: 4 X 4.25 X 6.5 in

What's in the Box

1 x Digital Controller
1 x Universal Grade
2 Titanium E-Nail
1 x 20mm Coil Heater
1 x AC Power Cable
1 x Instruction Booklet