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The DaVinci IQ is a premium portable vaporizer device that fits in your pocket and
vaporizes dry herbs. The easy-to-load ceramic heating chamber produces
strong and flavorful vapor in a matter of seconds. Featuring an
exclusive Smart Path technology, Davinci IQ allows users to create their
own vaping experience with the precise four-set temperature control
system. Its anodized aluminum casing protects the device from damage.
Slick 51 LED grid display provides a sophisticated ultra-modern feel
while you enjoy the purest vapor.

How does the Davinci IQ Vaporizer work? Just load the chamber with loose leaf material. Power on the IQ and set your
desired temperature. Once your desired temperature has been reached,
begin to draw slowly through the mouthpiece. Be sure to keep your IQ clean for best performance, Parts can be cleaned with cotton swabs soaked in isopropyl alcohol, and spare parts and replacements can be ordered online from our store. Please contact us for any replacement parts that are not listed on our website.

BLUETOOTH ENABLED: The IQ is an app-enabled device that allows the user to
have full control over their sessions. You would be able to track your
Smart Path usage and see other important information of your device. The app help extends the
capabilities of your IQ which makes it more powerful and smarter. Have
you seen a vaporizer turn on by using your phone? You do now with the


The Davinci IQ comes with the following:


  • 1x DaVinci IQ
  • 1x DaVinci Tool
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x Keychain w/Tool
  • 1x Cleaning Brush
  • 1x Extended Mouthpiece
  • 9x Cleaning Swabs
  • 1x 10 mm Water Tool Adapter
  • 1x Carry Can
  • 1x Owner’s Manual

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Warranty Info

Warranty Contact

  • Organicix, LLC
  • 1 (800) 336-7224
  • customerservice@davincivaporizer.com

What's in the Box

  • 1x DaVinci IQ
  • 1x DaVinci Tool
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x Keychain w/Tool
  • 1x Cleaning Brush
  • 1x Extended Mouthpiece
  • 9x Cleaning Swabs
  • 1x 10 mm Water Tool Adapter
  • 1x Carry Can
  • 1x Owner’s Manual
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Customer review

huge shout out to Dan for taking care of me and hooking me up with the OG Davinci IQ! I had the miqro and wow what a difference. TOP NOTCH customer service and super fast delivery !! will definitely order from Cream City Vapes again in the future!! A+++ all the way !!

hammer p.
A+ service from CreamCityVapes; A- experience with Davinci IQ

CreamCityVapes: I ordered on 4/20 and received my order THE NEXT DAY. Immediately after ordering I received my confirmation email, and the confirmation that my order had shipped, along with tracking number. Great service from CreamCityVapes. I am very glad that I chose to order from this site. Such a snappy turn-around on 4/20 really inspires confidence. Davinci IQ: This is a neat device. Highlights are flavor, removable battery, slick design. Drawbacks are slightly underwhelming battery life, structural vulnerabilities (hinges, lil bits like the pearl & arm). I owned an original Davinci Vaporizer and used it heavily for almost 3 years and it was still in fine working condition when I retired it. Those originals were tough, effective vapes with great air-flow. Loved it. So between the PAX 3 and Davinci IQ, I chose to show Davinci the love (and bought a PAX 3 for my fiancee, which we are very fond of). The IQ delivers really excellent vapor. Flavor out of the ceramic/zirconia path is clean, air-flow brings large and fairly dense clouds with ease. Very enjoyable sessions on this thing! Build quality seems solid, but I'm concerned about cleaning the space between the oven and the "flavor chamber." Oh well. Lots of moving parts on the IQ, but that is consistent with the other Davinci vapes. And I like the parts; the air path cools the vapor well and I appreciate the concave area by the oven for easy loading. And then I have just a few concerns. Battery. To test, I ran two sessions on the third "smartpath" (390-410) this morning. Great sessions. But turning on the device for a third time, I get the low-battery warning with a visual to indicate I have only one dot of battery left. Despite this notice, I seem to be getting one or two more sessions in after its appearance, but the device will continue to buzz and display the notice during those sessions. So on a full charge, I seem to be getting 30-50 minutes of use. This is not a deal-breaker, especially as an extra battery will have me equipped for more sessions than I could fit in a normal day before returning home. But annoying. Similarly, the electronic noises emitted by this vape while in use are annoying. Kind of like some e-cig box mods, this vape makes beetle-y electronic sounds that are quite audible. Compared to the sound a PAX 3 makes (hardly any, like a faint purr), the Davinci IQ is louder. I laugh about it, but my fiancee finds it annoying. Also, the IQ gets hotter over a larger area than my Davinci original did or than the PAX 3 seems to get. It does not burn my hand, but it breaches uncomfortable temp-territory. Summary: Completely satisfied with my customer experience with CreamCityVapes. Thanks, guys! This is a solid vape. Recalling my trusty Davinci original, I was happy to support Davinci Vaporizers and buy the IQ. I am enjoying it. Definitely will be getting more batteries, and will also be checking in about my device and whether it needs replacing. If you are on the fence between the Davinci IQ and the PAX 3, I advise you to consider the IQ if you want powerful poofs with easy airflow and pure flavor, and the PAX 3 if you want convenience and ease of use. As for the other new portables on the scene, I cannot compare from experience. The IQ is a good vape. Enjoy! Peace!