Nearly Universal WPA | Delta 3D Studios

Nearly Universal WPA | Delta 3D Studios

By: Delta 3D

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Designed to fit both 14mm and 18mm female waterpipes and bubblers, now upgraded to our new Song2 material for increased durability! This versatile adapter is one accessory no true enthusiast should live without! This flexible adapter fits a large variety devices, as well as both round and irregular shaped mouthpieces.

The following is a small listing of devices which have been confirmed to fit:

  • Arizer ArGo - Nice snug fit over the mouthpiece
  • Boundless Tera - Perfect fit
  • Crafty+ - Perfect fit
  • Dynavap Vapcap / Omnivap -  Excellent fit
  • Firefly V2 - Tight fit but works!!
  • Ghost MV1 -  Snug fit, nice air-tight seal
  • Mighty - Perfect fit
  • Plenty -  Remove OEM mouthpiece, fits metal whip
  • Pax Era -  Tight fit over MP, stretches adapter, still works