Dr Dabber Switch - Cyan Blue Glow in the Dark - Limited Edition

Dr Dabber Switch - Cyan Blue Glow in the Dark - Limited Edition

By: Dr. Dabber

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The Dr. Dabber Switch is a game changing device that now comes in cyan blue glow! This multi-purpose vaporizer can serve every herb connoisseur. Whether you prefer plant material or concentrates, this vaporizer will be sure to send you to the moon and beyond.

The Switch's concentrate mode functions like no other. You can choose to go between a simple mode of heat settings, or an advanced mode that allows you set it in 20 degree increments going up to 800 degrees F. The ceramic atomizer vaporizes all your materials in an effective, yet incredibly potent method.

The Switch's flower mode allows you to do the same functions as concentrates, as far as heating is concerned (simple and advanced mode). A special atomizer is included specifically for flower with the Switch.

The glass attachment with the Switch is perfect for the device. Fill a little bit of it up with water and attach it to the base, and that's all you need to do!

The Switch has 25 different light settings, providing a lava lamp like effect. You can choose between solid colors, or go crazy and make it a rave.

The tweezers are a great method of being able to easily pack your concentrates, whether you're cold or hot loading them.


  • Output Power up to 120 watts
  • Battery Capacity of 33.3 watt-hours
  • 64kb memory
  • LiFePO4 non-volatile battery cells built into battery pack (non-explosive batteries, one of the safest on the market)
  • Pass through charging
  • Over-voltage, over-current, under-voltage, over-temperature, short-circuit, and reverse-polarity protection built into the unit

Multiple Modes for Multiple Materials:

  • Leaf Mode
  • Oil Mode
  • Advanced Modes (25 Settings for Oil & Leaf)
  • Crystal Mode (Additional Accessory Required

Precision Heating Induction Cups:

  • White Ceramic
  • Black Ceramic
  • Crystal (Sold Separately)

Customizable Hold Times:

  • Need more heat for longer? Set your own hold time that works for you!

Self Cleaning Mode:

  • A high energy heat cycle that burns away any remaining residue in the Ceramic Induction Cups.

Auto Cool Down Cycles:

  • Never worry about your device overheating, the SWITCH automatically cools down after each heat cycle protecting the electronics and extending it’s lifespan.

Standby Lighting:

  • 25 LED Light Show Options
  • Stealth Mode (No Top Lights)

Integrated Power Management:

  • Pass Through Charging
  • 150+ Cycles On Full Charge
  • Robust charging port & connectors

Glass Percolator Attachment:

  • 50mm Ground Glass Fitting
  • Beautiful Hourglass Profile
  • Heavy Duty Borosilicate