Dr. Dabber Switch SiC Insert

Dr. Dabber Switch SiC Insert

By: Dr. Dabber

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The Dr. Dabber Switch SiC Induction Cup turns your Switch from an amazing device into an even more amazing device. Experience flavor, potency, and efficiency at it's finest with this 1 insert.

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SICey Cup

Hello again, As you probably know, you sent me a SIC insert, i have been captured once again by the awesomeness of this Final Touch. So I felt obligated to send you a Review if ever needed... dr.dabber SIC Insert: I recieved a small package in which the Insert came in. Opened to find the Insert and a metal housing. The SIC bucket at first glance had a color I had seen before (we will come to that later)...somewhere... Very light weight and pppperfectly sits within housing by simply dropping into it. So perfect that the Insert slowly wiggled its way down and set! The SIC bucket is something to behold in uniqueness and quality. So smooth it looks wet. No need for silly rubies, sapphires and such. No real need here... now for the wierd part... The oils DO NOT CLIMB WALLS?! Nope, excrement is left at bottom, tee totally spent! Dab 3 times, pull out with included tweezers (take off rubber ends) and flame it red rosey. Cools so fast, glowing red, dropped in cool metal housing in place, wait 1 minute and add more wax whilst still warm. Then...start all over again. When you first start "pulling" you will NOT feel the usual burn. But you will consume every last usable product dropped into it, FIRST PULL, ALL OF IT! There seems to be absolutly zero carbon (metal will give off by tini cracks). And THAT makes this little dingy very special indeed. NO MESS, no raspy smell leftover either. If I am not mistaken, the vapor itself seems to be atomized evenly, with out burning small concentrations like on metal.....again the oils DO NOT creep away, its soooo strange this... Must have, price is TOTALLY WORTH IT... Now to follow up. The SIC color i had seen before WAS indeed very unique. All true, it was SOO COOOL! I am at a large party 6 years ago, late into evening i was alone on massive back patio, all others were watching a Freak Show brought in from Cali. Location...Atlanta, Ga. On patio there were 4 large stationary movie searchlights, each pointing away from each other up into the black darkness. I then has a electric type wierd feeling. Swear I heard "look up", so I did. I had not really noticed before, a very low, evenly flat cloud formation accross the sky. Then i swear on my life, multiple lights seem to be comming out of clouds... RIGHT ABOVE ME! Me thinkin its a crazy gondola with a huge ballon attached! Craaazy party, i was sober as a girl scout sellin cookines door to door. Then a "structure" decended quickly, setting perfectly above center of movie lights (obviously attracted....it). Being in The Air Force in the 80's, I knew one thing for sure. This was NOT made on Earth, nor by **** Sapiens... A bit of Buck Rodger, Spielberg, Expensive Italian Autos with sleek lines and very low approach in style and WAS THE FUTURE SITTING RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! So anyway, The SIC insert when slightly hot, looks EXACTLY like the ....housing... of what ever i was a lookin at. I could tell right away I was looking at "front" of this craft, pointing strait down out of the clouds. I could only see about a third, the rest wofting well upward into clouds. I (under my breath) said " woa what the **** is this...!" Cigarette dangling off one corner of mouth, arms outstretched palms out. And I Swear i heard "oh..pardon me..." I was 35 feet away. Then in less than 1.5 seconds it lifted out of sight. Whole time limit did not exceed 5 seconds, it came and went like the breeze, the fresh ozone put me into a spine tingling experience. LIKE "WOW" MAN! I told no one that night, as the show was going full bore at the time. No proof, (my phone, that was in one hand, had dead batteries...) So.....SIC is just SO SICK! ...outer limits, im tellin ya... The Tin Man

SiC The future is here

Your vaporization surface seems to be key in getting the maximum flavor and reduced irritation. SiC is in a class by itself. The quality level is high with a rounded inside bottom to control the last drop. The fit is very precise. This is definitely a luxe accessory but worthy if the DDS is your daily ride. Grab one before they are gone.