Kings Keg Stem | Joe King

Kings Keg Stem | Joe King

By: Joe King

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The DynaKegs are a small Barrel Shaped Stem Designed to be used as an 18mm & 14mm WPA (Water Piece Adapter) or can be used as a mini stem.

They are 22mm by 20mm, and made of Titanium. They will work with any Dynavap Tip & Cap (Sold Separately)

You can use The DynaKegs with an Induction Heater or you can heat up your VapCap with a torch by slowly rocking the Keg back and forth inbetween your thumb, index and middle fingers, providing even heat distribution to the cap. When you hear the click you can either drop the DynaKeg in your favorite 18mm or 14mm water piece and let it rip, or you can place the keg directly to your lips. I recommend taking short puffs similar to hitting a roach to produce warm thick clouds. Taking short puffs will allow the vapor to cool while also allowing you to inhale fresh air in between each hit since there in no airport on the DynaKegs. To clean the DynaKegs I recommend soaking in Isopropyl Alcohol or cleaning the inside with an alcohol soaked q tip. If you don’t have any Alcohol on hand you can soak the DynaKegs in Warm Soapy water.