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The Firefly 2+ Vaporizer is the new and improved upgrade from the FireFly 2. The 2+ gives users a fresh experience, much better vapor, and an easier unit to rip out of.
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Pleasantly surprised.

Ordering was easy and delivery was quick. The firefly 2+ is everything I assumed it would be and enjoying every day with it since.

The I.

I use cannabis for medical reasons, so I look for comfort, effectiveness and ease of use. Firefly 2+ knocks all three out of the park. I’m sure that you can produce giant clouds of impressive vapour if you try, but finally having a product that simply delivers the natural treatment of marijuana without the show (or the hacking cough) is little short of a subtle miracle. How subtle is it? When I first got the device, I set it to the lowest recommended temp and kept trying to get it to “vape” dry flower with no success. That is until I realised that I was as wasted as a vote for the Green Party. Completely *-faced ******. I could barely see the vapour for the simple reason that I hadn’t wasted (pun intended) *any* of the active compounds; without a single cough or choke, every terpene and cannabinoids of the medicinal herb were doing their work inside my body. I think the reason is that the makers set out to create a medical delivery device using science instead of market surveys. They worked out the precise temperatures at which each element is released from the base material without getting the nastiness of the higher-burning waste products. They then looked at how best to get those compounds into the human body with minimal fuss and drama. They succeeded better than anything I’ve tried (and I’ve got a whole drawerful of also-ran products, many more expensive that this one). Don’t overlook the use of the Firefly for concentrates. I have not had any other product, not one, that delivered on the promise of live rosin or high-end budder like this pipe. My only complaint here is that the pad is a bear to remove from the chamber; it fits so precisely that there is scant room for anything to pry it out. That can be a real problem if you overload the amount of goods (especially wax or shatter that are stickier than candy). And, trust me, you will overload it at least once. You think you need so much more than you really do, especially if you’ve been using a dab rig that burns off or wastes most of the essential elements in the material. Is it perfect? No. It’s insanely expensive and the battery life sucks compared to traditional vapes like you get in a dispensary, or from leading brands like PCKT, Vessel or Storz & Bickel. You get one or two session per charge, which can be annoying. That is more than made up for with the amazing ease of use. The magnetic lid slips off, you add the herb, press the side-buttons and away you go. The flavour you get is clean, pure and, most of all, not burnt. I’ve inhaled plain steam that was harsher than what you get from the Firefly 2+, and I’ve had no hint of irritation or ache in my throat and lungs. The design is simplicity itself and this is the first vape I’ve gotten that I can really, truly *clean*. The temperature controls are fool proof and calibrated to get you exactly what you need and nothing you don’t want. Buy it. Use the recommended settings, not the ones that get you huge clouds, and enjoy the best medical marijuana experience you’re likely to have ever tried. You will not be disappointing.

Customer review

had a firefly 2 for years -purchase the firefly 2+ 2 months ago, a noticeable improvement, well worth the upgrade. Cream city customer service is the best will be buying all my future vaping equipment from them A trusted company that stands by it sales-thank you

Customer review

The firefly 2+ is an amazing device! I'm very surprised with how good it works. I definitely would recommend this product. Thanks--

Best choice for full spectrum benefits!

I needed to switch over from smoking to using a vaporizer to get full spectrum benefits from my ****. The difference is drastic! It's so much smoother and truly helps with my symptoms on another level. The vaporizer took me a bit to figure out. I wasn't putting enough flower in the chamber at first and couldn't get visible vapor. Once I packed it a bit fuller and watched a video, I was good to go. It's been a great switch for me and I'm extremely happy with my purchase!