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The Ghost MV1 is the on demand beast that had all the hype surrounding it. This full convection vaporizer heats up to your desired temp in just a few seconds. The vapor this device provides is second to none, giving rich, powerful hits that are rivaled by few vaporizers on the market.

Please Note: We have slashed this price down to $129.50 as Ghost vapes has gone out of business. If you purchase this product, there will be NO warranty. We will be offering a 1 week warranty/guarantee after delivery, that the product is not defective, after the 1 week period you are taking ownership of the item and will have no warranty.

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Best “On Demand” Vaporizer For The Money

Great on demand vaporizer! Has a small learning curve though. Mainly getting used to the “draw”. Low temp gives great flavor and even at 392 degrees the flavor is still acceptable. It’s my daily user now. I pack 5 crucibles and I’m good for the day.


Customer review

The ghost MV1 is a awesome vape, especially when you consider the price. I love how a little bit of herb goes a long long way ! Another thing I love about this vape is the flavor. When you take a draw, the flavor tastes exactly like the essence of the flowers you're vaping. Nothing compares at this price point. There are only 2 or 3 other vapes in the market place that perform as well as the ghost MV1 but they're cost 3 to 5 times more . There is a slight learning curve but once you use this vape several times, you'll be blowing clouds of vapor with the best of them !!!! At $115 bucks, what do you got to lose ? Take it from Kenny Cannabis, you're gonna love this bad boy ! Enjoy !


Customer review

Awesome deal. Fast shipping. Thanks guys!


Customer review

Thanks to Cream City Vapes for a great price and fast delivery. Even though they stated that it would take 5-15 business days to receive the package I received it in 1 week. (I did email them to see if they could expedite but they never confirmed, still fast delivery.) This is my first dry vape. I always wanted one since a friend of mine bought the Volcano a few years ago. I liked that you can still enjoy your product without combusting it. Fast forward a few years and I had my eyes set on the Mighty but I couldn't justify spending $350 for it. As an alternative I looked into the Ghost MV1 and decided it had the options and convenience I was looking for. Enter Cream City Vapes with an unbelievable price of $115. Unlike the Mighty the MV1 is battery operated though it does have a pass-through charging cable which means you can use it while charging. I won't get into the operation and accessories just results. As this is an on-demand vape, the volume you inhale depends on the intensity of your inhale, and you get a sufficient ****. You will get a consistent result if you don't over pack the MV1. I found that finely ground product will yield 2 good tokes before repacking if you pack the crucible loosely to the top. I was expecting more tokes before repacking but my results are good for my use. I heard the company that makes these are going out of business so if you are thinking about getting one now is the time.


Best vape!

This is the best vape. I enjoy this vape is comfortable and great quality. I have 2 and love them. It save a lot of herb because is ondemand. The only cons is battery life and cleaning is a little tedious but not a deal breaker. Overall is great vape quality is one of the best almost like the mighty.