OPEN BOX - Magic Flight Power Adapter 2.1  | MFLB

OPEN BOX - Magic Flight Power Adapter 2.1 | MFLB


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The Magic-Flight Power Adapter 2.1 gives you unlimited power at the press of a button. It replaces your need for batteries and becomes an infinite source of power when plugged in. Whether you’re at home or in your vehicle, the Power Adapter 2.1 delivers steady power for consistent vapor from your Magic-Flight Launch Box.

The built-in power dial gives you control over your vaporizing experience, allowing you to use your Launch Box with a wide range of temperatures. It can function at cooler temperatures for your dried blends and hotter temperatures for vaporizing with other Magic-Flight accessories, such as the Water Pipe Whip and Concentrate Trays.

What Comes In The Box?

  • Power Adapter 2.0
  • A/C Wall Adapter Plug
  • 12v Car Adapter Plug
  • Power Adapter Flight Guide