Scope & Stack Rook E-Nail

Scope & Stack Rook E-Nail

By: Scope & Stack

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Love that new heady piece? Wish you could show it off to the world?

Now you can!

Toss that bulky old torch and spoil yourself and that heady piece with The Scope & Stack Rook E-Nail!

Unlike the Scope & Stack Knight, The Scope & Stack Rook has an internal battery allowing you to take your sesh on the go!

The Rook comes with a 14mm or 10mm banger.

The Rook is pre-equipped with a Evan Shore Quartz banger and Vortex Bubble Cap.

The battery pack has 8 dial settings, with a maximum banger temp of 800 degrees.

The magnetic plug to the e-nail makes for an easy disconnect when seshing and needing to pass the rig around.

 Cream City Vapes Puffco Peak Staff Tips/Reviews:

This is truly a no-brainer and must have for every dab enthusiast out there. 

True game changer. Believe me there is nothing I love more than the loud "PSHHHCAAA" when I turn my Big Shot GT 8000 Butane Torch on, but this Scope & Stack Rook really hits the sweet spot on my concentrates. 

Unleashing every drop of terpene heaven across the perfectly crafted Evan Shore Quartz Banger, The Scope & Stack Rook really sets itself apart from the competition. 

Topped with a Vortex Bubble Cap every inhale you take will be pure luxury. 

I recommend starting at level 3 or 4 on the dial and working your way to your sweet spot. Thats where I find my low and slow perfection.