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14mm Water piece 

Comes with a dry herb slide but works with any 14mm Banger & can also be used with a 10mm banger if you use the 10mm mini adapter piece (sold separately here). This is a very stable unit with a nice heavy base, making it hard to tip.

This unit provides an insanely pure rip each time and can take hundreds of dabs before needing a cleaning, although deep down it never wants to be cleaned, it loves the globs. 

The "Gullereye Glob Rig" got it's name from a cartoon character "Gullereye" drawn in 2002 by a CCV Team Member. (contact us and we may even send you a hand drawn Gullereye). 

Guller (Noun. guller (plural gullers) One who gulls; a deceiver). Gullereye was a magician and a trickster, among many other things. This rig was meant to make you look twice at it. At first glance it appears it's caked in dirty globs of wax but it's in fact brand new. Soon enough your reclaim will build up and the fake globs will look like real ones again, looping you into an endless cycle of trickery that even Gullereye himself would be impressed with.