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Puff Bar | Puff Bar
Price: $10.95
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Item #: PB-PB -

Experience the different flavors of the Puff Bar. On the front of each packaging you can find the flavor. The color of each Puff Bar also will identify the flavor. You can get approximately 300 puffs from each Puff Bar. The Puff Bar disposable device comes with pre-filled with 5% (50mg) of salt nic. This will keep you satisfied day in and day out

Puff Bar Plus | Puff Bar
Price: $17.95
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Item #: PB-PBP -

This bigger and better pre-filled device is a big improvement over the original while still maintaining the portability and compactness of the original. Get approximately 800 puffs from the Plus in a multitude of flavors. Each flavor is labeled on the packaging and you can also tell by the color of the device. Each Puff Plus disposable device comes with a pre-filled 5% (50mg) of salt nic that is enough to keep you going all day long.