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Puffco Peak + Ball Cap/Tether + Spare Atomizer + Boundless Terp Pen

Buy the Puffco Peak for 15% off, and get a FREE peak ball cap/tether, and peak spare atomizer and Boundless Terp Pen!!

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Awesome product from a great crew.

I found this deal online that seemed almost too good to be true, but shortly after speaking with Dan from creamcityvapes, I felt comfortable committing to the purchase they were offering.

As soon as I spoke with Dan I could tell he walked the walk and was fully immersed in the dab culture. He had experience with the products I was looking to purchase and answered every question I had, giving me the comfort and peace of mind in regards to making the purchase.

These guys kick ass and I’d highly recommend checking out their store and reaching out to them if you’re interested, they’ll get you set up and you won’t be disappointed! I live in Colorado where the dab game is everywhere and this was the best deal I found after hours of searching online and in stores.