PUFFiT 2 Vaporizer
  • For Aromatic Blends
  • For Solid Concentrates
  • Fits in the Palm of Your Hand
  • Haptic Feedback Vibration
  • Replaceable Battery
Price: $99.00
Stock Status: In Stock

    PUFFiT 2 Vaporizer

    Smaller than ever, PUFFiT 2 easily hides in plain sight for ultimate portability. Utilizing a redesigned, thermal alloy heating chamber, PUFFiT 2 produces more vapor and has 75% longer battery life than previous models. Modular design allows a for user replaceable and quickly swappable batteries.


    • PUFFiT 2 Vaporizer
    • 4 Screens
    • Solid Concentrate Screen
    • Loading Tool
    • USB Charger
    • Silicone Heat Shield
    • 2x Cleaning Wipes