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    Runt Vaporizer by Sticky Brick Labs

    The Runt is the newest device from Sticky Brick Labs. Don't let the diminutive size fool you, this thing delivers. Smaller than the OG and sharing some similarities to the Junior, the Runt is a hard hitter. The mouthpiece also works with the Junior and the bent flame intake will work with both devices. 

    The Runt ships with a standard accessory pack including a torch (shipped empty), two carb corks, two stainless stir sticks along with two wooden sticks, six screens, and two Restrictor Discs.

    (QTY 1) Torch (shipped empty)
    (QTY 2) Carb cork
    (QTY 2) Stainless stir stick
    (QTY 2) Wooden stir stick
    (QTY 6) Screens
    (QTY 2) Restrictor disc