Space Case Grinder Titanium 4 Piece Magnetic - Small
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    Space Case Grinder Titanium 4 Piece Magnetic - Small

    The Original Authentic Space Case is the highest quality grinder available. Find out why Space Case is the leader in quality for grinders.

    Space Case Titanium Grinder - Small 4 Piece Magnetic

    CNC machined using the latest technology.

    Manufactured using aircraft grade Aluminum.

    Titanium Hard Anodized Finish.

    Teflon grade O-rings make for smooth grinding and no metal shavings.

    Razor sharp diamond cut teeth are non breakable and great for shredding.

    Powerful neodimium magnets for superior closure.

    Dimensions: 2" wide X 1.75" tall

    Comes with custom pollen scraper.

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    Seattle, WA area

    Space Case Grinder - Awesome Tool

    The Space Case titanium 4-part grinder is an awesome tool!
    I researched grinders then discovered some could catch kief, or the ultra-fine pollen that comes off the outside of herb. Space Case was one of the top picks that also collected the most kief. That clinched the deal for me!
    I bought the small size. If I did it again, I'd go for the medium. It works great but it can only hold about 3/4 of a gram comfortably. It's actually a perfect size if you are prepping vaporizer material but is too small if you need more than 1g at a time.
    The craftsmanship, action, and finish are excellent. There is no doubt these grinders are high priced. If you can afford it, however, you'll be rewarded with a top-of-the-line device that that will last. As far as kief is concerned, I'm amazed at how much has accumulated after only ten grind sessions. Now to get a press...!
    Buying from Cream City Vapes was an absolute breeze. I had questions about product - they responded super quick. I has a special shipping situation - they accommodated it right away and emailed me the information. Hands down, some of the best online customer service I've received. Shopping with CCV is a good deal from throughout the whole process from price comparison to post purchase support!