Crafty+ Vaporizer

Crafty+ Vaporizer (CRAFTY-PLUS)

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Crafty+ VaporizerThe Crafty+ is the new and improved Crafty that Storz & Bickel dropped. The Crafty+ comes equipped with a new and improved heat up time, improved housing build, longer runtimes, and a new design for being able to leave it in...
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Awesome Vape...Excellent Customer Service!!!

I really recommend getting one of these units. Reasons I like this over the Mighty: 1) It is way more portable than the mighty. I like to take mine on day hikes and weekend backpacking trips where the mighty cannot compete. 2) Size & Weight I like the Crafty over the Mighty with regard to this category for the same reasons. 3) Cream City sells this really cool bubbler attachment for the Crafty that makes this thing really chill at the campground when car camping.

Another reason to buy this: Cream City Customer Service is the best, hands down. I have made a lot of purchases with various Vape retailers and have never had the level of service that I receive from Cream City...These guys know how to treat their customers.

Reviews 1-1 of 1