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    Introducing the latest addition to our premium carb cap lineup - the Casper Directional Carb Cap. Handcrafted with jade white glass, the Casper Directional Carb Cap features a ghostly white, translucent finish.

    Utilizing a horizontally blown hole at the tip, a cyclone effect is created as you inhale through the SWITCH. This is ideal for flower as it does not funnel oxygen directly into the SWITCH's no-oxygen heating environment. This unique placement also provides a cooler, more flavorful experience with oils.

    The compact size of the Casper Directional Carb Cap makes for a higher resistance pull, which in turn creates more dense vapor using directional airflow. Manipulating this carb cap during use will provide a more effective vaporization experience.

    All Casper Directional Carb Caps are hand-blown and may vary in size.