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Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition
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Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition Dr. Dabber introduced the newest to the Boost lineup with the new Black Edition. Giving you larger nails in a new wooden box, the Boost improves on what is the first portable, battery powered dab rig for concentrates. No torch required. The device heats up to optimal temperature with a simple 3 clicks for the titanium nail, and 5 clicks for the other 2 nails. The Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition gives you the perfect dabbing experience without needing all the tools...

Dr. Dabber SWITCH E-Rig Vaporizer Dr. Dabber SWITCH E-Rig, dr dabber switch, dr dabber switch e nail, dr dabber e rig, switch portable e nail, doctor dabber switch
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Dr. Dabber SWITCH E-Rig The Dr. Dabber Switch is a game changing device. This multi-purpose vaporizer can serve every herb connoisseur. Whether you prefer plant material or concentrates, this vaporizer will be sure to send you to the moon and beyond. The Switch's concentrate mode functions like no other. You can choose to go between a simple mode of heat settings, or an advanced mode that allows you set it in 20 degree increments going up to 800 degrees F. The ceramic atomizer vaporizes all...