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    XMax Vista Mini

    The Vista Mini is the essential handheld water piece. Experience your concentrates in a whole new way with the Vista Mini!

    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

    Pretty good dab rig!

    Xvape Vista Mini is very easy to use and works very well. Like any other dab rig I have used, it needs frequent cleaning with alcohol or goo-gone to get rid of the sticky residue. The worst thing I’ve found is that the tube that routes the vapor under the water for cooling gets completely plugged with goo about every third time it’s used and requires a toothpick to clean it. Also, after cleaning, it is very important that the unit be reassembled correctly and tightly, otherwise the heat chamber doesn’t make contact with the battery terminal, and the LED around the ON/OFF button just flashes RED when pressed. Overall, I am very pleased with the Xvape Vista Mini. The vapor is significantly cooled by the water chamber, making it much better on the throat and lungs.