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Bazooka Mini Electronic Dab Rig Vaporizer


The Bazooka Mini Electronic Dab Rig Vaporizer is a cutting-edge,...
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Switch E-Rig Vaporizer | Dr. Dabber


The Dr. Dabber Switch is a game changing device. This...
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Peak Smart Rig | PuffCo


The PuffCo Peak gives new meaning to on-the-go dabs! PuffCo's creativity has...
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Puffco Peak Pro - Portable Electronic Concentrate Vaporizer


Introduction to the Puffco Peak Pro Embark on a journey...
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Ispire DAAB eNail Dab Kits


Overview The Ispire DAAB eNail Dab Kit is a sleek,...
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Dr. Dabber XS Electric Dab Rig


Overview The Dr. Dabber XS Electronic Dab Rig represents a...
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Carta 2 | Focus V


A NEW ERA OF PORTABLE DABBING Focus V has released cutting...
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Introduction to E-Rigs

Electronic rigs, commonly known as E-Rigs, have emerged as a cutting-edge technology in the world of vaping concentrates. E-Rigs are electronic devices designed to vaporize concentrates like waxes, oils, and shatter. They combine the functionality of traditional dab rigs with the convenience and precision of modern technology, offering a powerful, portable, and user-friendly experience for concentrate enthusiasts.

Features and Types of E-Rigs

E-Rigs vary in design and functionality, but some key features are common across most models:

1. Portable Design: Unlike traditional rigs, E-Rigs are typically compact and portable.

2. Temperature Control: They offer precise temperature settings, allowing users to customize their dabbing experience.

3. Electric Heating: E-Rigs use electric heating elements, eliminating the need for external torches.

4. Rechargeable Batteries: Most E-Rigs are powered by rechargeable batteries, enhancing their portability.

5. Water Filtration: Many E-Rigs include a water filtration feature similar to traditional rigs, providing smoother and cooler vapor.

The types of E-Rigs include:

- Basic E-Rigs: Designed for ease of use, suitable for beginners.

- Advanced E-Rigs: Offering more features and customization for experienced users.

- Travel-Friendly E-Rigs: Smaller and more durable, ideal for on-the-go use.

Advantages and Usage of E-Rigs

The popularity of E-Rigs can be attributed to several factors:

1. Convenience: They offer a hassle-free setup compared to traditional rigs.

2. Control: Precise temperature control leads to a more consistent and enjoyable experience.

3. Flavor and Efficiency: E-Rigs efficiently vaporize concentrates, preserving the flavor and potency.

4. Safety: The elimination of open flames from torches makes E-Rigs a safer option.


E-Rigs are electronic devices designed for vaporizing concentrates. They use electric heating elements to heat concentrates to the desired temperature, offering a controlled and efficient vaping experience.

E-Rigs eliminate the need for external torches by using electric heating, offering a more convenient and precise experience compared to traditional dab rigs.

E-Rigs are suitable for various concentrates including waxes, oils, and shatter, providing versatility for users.

Yes, most E-Rigs are designed to be portable, featuring rechargeable batteries and compact sizes, making them suitable for use on the go.