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By: Pax Labs, Inc.

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The Pax 3 Portable Vaporizer is intelligent, intuitive and instant. The Pax 3 is a true dual-use portable vape for both dry herb, liquid and solid concentrates. (the complete kit includes the attachment needed to use with concentrates). The PAX 3 delivers a strong, pure vapor within 15 seconds, and subsequent heat ups are nearly instant. The newest battery and heating element technology result in a device that is 2X as powerful as the PAX 2 vaporizer.


Another feature of the complete Kit is that it includes the half-pack oven lid. The half-pack oven lid allows the user to pack half the amount of material and still get as pure of vapor as a fully packed bowl. The PAX 3’s settings can be customized using the new PAX Vapor app (users have the ability to remotely lower the device’s temperature to make material last longer and to dim the LED lights so you can discreetly vape in public. Also there are several games that you can play on your Pax device using the APP. The Pax 3 Complete Kit includes a 10 year warranty.


Works with Loose Leaf: Yes

Works with Concentrates: Yes
Battery Size: 3500 mAh

Sessions Per Charge: 8-10

Charge Time: 90+ Minutes
Device Size: 4"h X 1"w X 1"d
Temperature Range: 360-420F
Oven Size(with Full Pack oven lid): 0.3g
Average Heat Time(room to 400F): 20 Seconds
App Support: Yes via Bluetooth LE

BlueTooth Range: 10 Feet

What's in the Box

  • PAX 3 Device
  • Charging Cable (Travel Charger with 2' cable)
  • Maintenance Kit (1 wire brush, 10 pipe cleaners)
  • Standard and Elevated Mouthpiece
  • Standard Oven Lid
  • Half-pack Oven Lid
  • Concentrate Insert
  • 3 Screens
  • Multi-Tool
  • Protective Pouch
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Tricia B.
United States United States
Perfect in every way

Excellent seller and a dynamite product. You can’t go wrong with CCV!

Best Truly Portable Vape?

I'm new to dry herb vapes, coming from oil carts, but this has been great. Super well-packaged! Solid unit that's easy to clean, love that it comes with cleaning tools. Super long battery life that I doubt I'll ever think about so long as I plug it in occasionally. Looks discreet; I have fun telling people unfamiliar with vapes that it's an mp3 player. I like all the settings and how quick+simple it is to pack/repack with herb. Little smell I don't worry about. After my Note 9's initial bluetooth pairing with the app, I had trouble reconnecting with the Pax until I remembered to turn on GPS location. For some reason it works when I do that, so if you're having trouble then restart your phone and have GPS and Bluetooth both on.

Customer review

Excellent. Got the warranty registered and all the various accessories work perfectly.

S. Won
Customer review

The short heat up time is my favorite feature. It's really easy to be discrete with this, aside from the bling finish. It's also very easy to use and cleaning is pretty straightforward. There's some resistance to the draw. The flavor is great for the first session of a freshly packed oven, but subsequent sessions are neutral or toasty. Construction seems top notch.

hammer p.
A+ service from CreamCityVapes; A+ PAX 3

Ordered on 4/20, receieved 4/21. Bravo! Thanks, CreamCityVapor! The PAX 3 works like a dream, is remarkably easy to use/clean/charge/carry/pack. The simplicity and elegance of design are really laudable. It feels and looks great (we got gold!), battery just keeps going, heat-up time is lickety-split, and man it just rules. The flavor is fine, performance is excellent, and it is so fun to use. What a great product!